Bodyguard Service

Personal protection for you, your family and your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bodyguard Service. Private security. Security VIP-persons in Kiev

We offer a full range of bodyguard service for the defense and protection of VIP-persons in Kiev. Our task is to professionally provide the maximum level of security in full confidentiality.
Bodyguard service include maintenance (including car) and the security of the customer.

How we work:

We have individual approach to each customer and his requirements;
The best bodyguards in Kiev work for you, having vast experience of protection of the first persons;
We provide complete privacy;
We guarantee high quality of the security services and flexible payment system.

Hire a bodyguard in Kiev.

Hire a bodyguard – thus ensure the full security of the person. This service is provided to customers in accordance with their needs and financial capabilities. Personal bodyguard may accompany the client when moving around the city, to be present during the signing of important papers, to protect tangible assets of the customer during their transportation, etc. In addition to the basic skills of the VIP-guard can provide foreign language, compliance with the dress code, and others. This is what VIP-security services are different from the usual bodyguard. Our customers include both foreign and Ukrainian customers including individuals and legal entities in different fields.

If you need a bodyguard in Kiev, please contact us by phone +380506791001 or send an inquiry by e-mail

We guarantee the speed, reliability, security and confidentiality. When we provide the protection of VIP persons and high-ranking officials, we pay special attention to the privacy and anonymity of our clients. For this reason, we do not provide references and recommendations.

Personal security cost (one bodyguard with special means):
a one-time service of at least 2 hours – $20 / hr.

The cost of personal security (one bodyguard with a gun):
a one-time service at least 2 hours – $ 40 / hr.