Airbus Eurocopter MBB BK117


Engine:Turbomeca Arriel
Crew:1 pilot
Number of passengers:6
Cruising speed:up to 235 km/h
Max altitude:up to 5400 m
Flight Season:all year round
Max range:up to any city in Ukraine

Сost for rental of the helicopter:

Additional services:

independent control of the helicopter in flight – 50$

departure our pilot on your location to assessment of technical capacities – 50$

You can contact us by telephones to order charter or to ask prices.

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You want new emotions? Or maybe you want to impress your loved one? So air travel by the Airbus Eurocopter MBB BK117 – the best choice!

Airbus Eurocopter MBB BK117 is one of the safest in its class. This luxurious six-seater blue Frenchman is capable of rising to a height of 5400 meters, reaching a top speed of 250 km / h and deliver a lot of fun to his crew of passengers. You will experience the excitement already during take-off and in the air, of course, be able to endure a lot of pleasant moments, watching the fantastic scenery. You will be able to make a large number of photos and videos on the long memory of an unforgettable flight.

Airbus Eurocopter MBB BK117 is one of the most beautiful and comfortable helicopters with excellent sound insulation and vibration isolation and with a luxurious leather interior. Large windows give a great overview. The helicopter provides a large cargo compartment of your belongings.

We have the exclusive right to fly over the city of Kiev, which will open to you the amazing beauty of the Ukrainian capital and its suburbs. Our helicopter landing site is located in Hydropark. This is a unique opportunity, unlike other take off and land close to the center of Kiev. Our instructors are top-class pilots can take you from our area, or if there are technical possibilities, even from your home or other location. Route trips can be arranged at your discretion, but subject to the technical possibilities.

Unlike other air vehicles (balloons etc.) helicopter flights can be performed in different weather conditions, with the exception of storm fronts and some rare adverse weather conditions.
Our helicopter has mounted climate control, and so regardless of the season there is always a comfortable temperature.
Winter is not cold and not hot in summer!

You can use our helicopter for flights to other cities of Ukraine. It’s fast, comfortably and without traffic jams!
You can give your friend or boss the Walk by the Airbus Eurocopter MBB BK117 on birthday, and you can plan an air romantic date or honeymoon trip.
It is the original photo shoot of the newlyweds on the wedding day on the background of this magnificent helicopter.

Your desire and fantasy, plus our ability and guaranteed an unforgettable adventure!
Order the Airbus Eurocopter MBB BK117 and feel at a height in every sense of the word!

We are not intermediaries, and offer the services of our own helicopter fleet.


– Arriving at the place of take-off
– meeting with the pilot and the briefing
– Helicopter excursion over Kiev and suburbs
– Return

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