Aircraft Gulfstream G200


Plane type:Business-jet (Midsize Jets)
Manufacturer:Gulfstream Aerospace (USA), 2009 year
Crew:1-2 pilots
Number of passengers:10
Luggage compartment:4,25 m3
Cruising speed:870 km/h
Max altitude:13700 m
Max range:6600 km
Cabin dimension (L x W x H), m:7,44 х 2,18 х 1,91

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Regular flights have already become the order of the day. But sometimes a much greater speed of movement is required, as well as an increased level of comfort. Here, no regular flight on a passenger airliner will satisfy such high demands. Any businessman will think, if not about purchasing a private business jet, at least of renting one to meet his current needs.

The Gulfstream G200 is the world’s first business jet of super-mid-sized class, offering passengers the comfort of large-sized jets for the price of a medium size liner. An intercontinental charter flight without refueling is possible when renting the Gulfstream G200 jet, which can reach a cruising speed of 870 kilometers per hour and can overcome up to 6,667 kilometers. The Gulfstream G200 jet would be a perfect choice for international charter flights.

The Gulfstream G200 is a private jet, the rent of which is provided by the Limex Company for long-haul flights. The first thing that strikes the passenger is a stunningly spacious interior, which is designed for the comfortable accommodation of nine people. Eight to ten passengers are considered to be a normal load, but if necessary, the jet can take eighteen people. The length of the Gulfstream G200 passenger cabin is almost seven meters. The headroom of the cabin allows for even tall people to stand normally – with 1.90 meters in the aisle between seats. The width of the passenger compartment is 2.19 meters. Among middle class business jets, the Gulfstream G200 model stands out for its large luggage compartment – now all the important things can be taken on board without worrying about weight restrictions. This is especially pleasant if a charter flight is arranged for a long business trip of a few people.

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